“We have spent a lot of money on Yellow Page ads and they didn’t work – MarketingPLUS is just what we were looking for. It feels like you guys are our marketing department!”

Rob B.

President & Owner, Flint, MI

“They gave me sound advice on my business … I trust their advice, they really know what they’re talking about.”

Wendy C.

Owner, South Lyon, MI

“Our website traffic has doubled, and our site has started showing up in Google’s top 10 search results.” 

F. R.

Office Manager, Milford, MI

“May the fleas of a thousand camels infest my beard for doubting you! The SEO has already begun to work and my website is now coming up on the first page of searches.”

Troy P.

Business Owner, New Hudson, MI

“I am thrilled to the gills! In the first two weeks after launching our new site, we have had 100% more visits than our highest month ever with our old website!” 

Steven M.

Agency Owner, Fenton, MI

“We absolutely love our MarketingPLUS service!  Thanks again for everything!”   

J. A.

Marketing Coordinator, Troy, MI

“I was paying $17K/month on PPC and getting no results. With Five Sparrows, I put $11K back in my pocket each month, and did $30K in new business just in the first year.”

Randy F.

Business Owner, Brighton, MI

“Five minutes after the campaign went out, I made a sale that paid for a whole quarter of marketing services.” 

Randy F.

Business Owner, Brighton, MI

“With my old website, I didn’t own anything, I couldn’t get out of my contract, I couldn’t get my files, and they wouldn’t even give me my domain name back!  So I went with Five Sparrows!”   

Randy F.

Business Owner, Brighton, MI

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