Top-Tier Marketing Services
  • Monthly Ad spend (Adwords, cross-channel media, etc.)
  • Copywriting & content creation
  • Social media contests and campaigns
  • Advertising campaign monitoring (Adwords, etc.)
  • Cross-channel social marketing
  • Website updates & enhancements
  • Local SEO & data locking
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • E-campaigns, newsletters
  • Quarterly strategy meetings
  • Monthly tracking & performance reports
  • Unlimited phone & email support

MarketingPRIME Monthly Services

Our top-level service plan gives you full-service digital marketing, including Ad campaign spending, tracking, and reporting.  It also includes professionally written, original content and an integrated, custom-designed multi-channel marketing engine to drive customer engagement with social posts, SEO optimization (local and organic), mobile marketing campaigns, and other digital services.  From full service marketing to small business web design, MarketingPRIME can help your business be more visible, get more web traffic, and convert more visitors into paying customers.

You get a professional, customized multi-channel marketing system for your business that streamlines your marketing activities and provides you with monthly marketing consulting, strategy meetings, and results reporting.

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