Local SEO:  The Problem You Don’t Know You Have

Answer: Not You.

Old information hangs around the web where it can be re-scraped and recirculated, regardless of its source or accuracy.

  • Old phone numbers from call tracking campaigns can live on, even when you’re not using them anymore
  • PPC landing pages are often not removed after campaigns are over, leaving outdated, un-linked info on the web
  • Expired tracking links from 3rd party campaigns are easily followed and indexed by search engines

The result is that wrong phone numbers, old addresses, and expired links find their way into the search engine listings, masquerading as YOUR business!


What happens to old web listings, last year’s landing pages, and forgotten campaigns from previous marketing efforts?

What about routine changes to your business information – like a new phone number, a change of address, or a second location?

Who controls YOUR business information on the web?


Repair & enhance your core business data:

  • Add, update, or repair business data on 50+ Local Search Providers (with pay-to-play interfaces)
  • Add, update, or repair business data on an additional 10+ Local Search Authority Providers (without paid interfaces)
  • Create, update, or repair business data on Google+ (manual creation/updates to Google MyBusiness Profile)
  • Add enhanced content like photos, special offers, CTAs, etc., on major pay-to-play Search Providers (generally not available to the public – or your competitors!)
  • Lock your core business data so it cannot be overwritten or changed by third parties



Once your core business data is accurate, we “lock” it so it cannot be overwritten or changed by outside parties.  The lock is then maintained through a monthly license.

  • Keeps your data locked so it cannot be changed by 3rd parties
  • Maintains direct access to business data on major Search Providers
  • Monitors the web for any errors or inconsistencies in your core business data
  • Includes additional business profiles for new Search Providers as they become available
  • Allows updates to your enhanced content (photos, special offers, CTAs) to provide fresh, index-able content whenever you’d like.



With Local SEO, you get access to enhanced data fields that are otherwise unavailable to you.  Local SEO gives you the flexibility to add keyword-rich content like product descriptions, special offers, coupons, photos, etc., on the major pay-to-play search providers and data aggregators.  By properly optimizing hidden data fields, your business gains a competitive advantage in the search results and on Authority sites all over the web.